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The Soprano XLi from Alma Lasers is a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent, safe, reliable, and virtually painless hair removal. Here is what seasoned medical professionals have to say about their experience with the Soprano XLi system.

“The Soprano XLi is by far the best and most effective way to remove body and facial hair. The In-Motion™ treatment is much less tedious for our operators and more comfortable for our patients. The results we are seeing are better than what we could achieve with conventional hair removal technologies. The SHR™ mode takes pain out of the equation and allows everyone to get an effective treatment and excellent results. It’s a win-win for everyone.”


Richard Carlino, M.D.

Specialists in Plastic Surgery

Raleigh, NC, USA


“The Soprano XLi is the go-to laser product for quick, clean, easy, and painless laser hair removal. The unique technology of the Soprano XLi makes it ideal for safe and efficient laser hair removal and skin tightening treatments.”


Dr. Ed Zimmerman, M.D.

Las Vegas Laser and Lipo

Las Vegas, NV, USA


“The Soprano®XLi truly is virtually painless for hair removal. We have a number of patients in the office who started treatment elsewhere and found hair removal to be quite painful and uncomfortable. These patients have now been treated with the Soprano®XLi and say that it is really is painless. Our patients say it feels like a warm massage and they find their results to be better than the hair removal lasers used by other offices.”


Stan Castor, M.D.

Watson Clinic, Lakeland, FL, USA


“Soprano XLi takes hair removal to the next level. It’s faster, less painful and patients get great results.”


Jeff Hall, M.D.

Austin, TX, USA


“The Soprano XLi is a winner! It provides hair removal for all skin types that is as safe and effective as any of the six other units that we have used in the past. In addition, the patients report a pain level that is absent or minimal, quite a change from any of our previous hair removal devices. Because of the ‘continuous motion’ technology with easy to monitor temperature and heat build up, the Soprano is quite safe and easy for our RN’s and PA’s to use.”


Greg Keller, M.D.

Santa Barbara, CA, USA


“The Soprano XLi provides amazing results. My patients tell me it is the only hair removal device that has ever worked for them and they love not having to shave anymore. My clinicians are impressed with how quick, easy and effective it is. I love having the protocols preset and the system beeps when the total energy has been delivered. The best part is having my patients comfortable during treatments and extremely happy with results.”


Deborah Manjoney, M.D.

Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa

Pewaukee, WI, USA


“Simply said, SHR™ is the wave of the future for all hair removal. IN-Motion™ technology is the most efficacious way to treat and remove hair from large body areas. I can do a full back in 30 minutes. It is my professional opinion that the Soprano XLi SHR™ 810 diode is way ahead of its time and the gold standard for laser hair removal.”


John Hamel, M.D.

Boarded in Anti-Aging Medicine and Emergency Medicine

Hickory, NC, USA


“This is the perfect solution. Reliable results are achieved with better performance and an improved safety profile.”


Michael H. Gold, M.D.

Tennessee Clinical Research Center

Nashville, TN, USA


“As for our treatments, the patients love the Soprano XLi. I would equate the sensation to a ‘hot stone massage’ and they agree.”


Mary Holms, R.N.

Davis Laser Center, CA


“I believe SHR™ is the best innovation in laser hair removal in the past few decades. We are now able to treat all skin types safely, with less pain. The SHR™ mode provides a new level of safety for darker skin tones without compromising efficacy.”


Martin Braun, M.D.

Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre

Vancouver, BC, Canada


“Soprano XLi painless hair removal has transformed the laser hair experience. Treatment is quick and results are rapid, and this is very appealing to clients.”


Dr. Patrick Bowler, MB BS LRCP MRCS DRCOG

Co-Founder of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors

Court House Clinics, UK


Soprano XLi Painfree Slide



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